CPC Courses

YOU MAY NOW COMPLETE Mod 2 and Mod 4 CPC Training instead of 35 hours periodic training if you have not already completed your 5 CPC modules

We can book your CPC case study test at your local DSA theory test centre at a time to suit and you only pay the current DSA test fee, we provide all the necessary training for your Module 4 practical demonstration test.

Periodic Training

Your thirty five hours of training must be completed in blocks of no less than seven hours or split over or may be split into 3.5hour training sessions but the second half must be completed within 24hours of the last training session, there are several courses to choose from, we advise you to complete the tachograph course, vehicle safety check course and vehicle safe loading as a must, further courses may be taken to suit your particular vocation, better to phone and discuss with us what is the most suitable.

Q. Where will I need to go for this training?

A. We have various venues throughout the area and as independent CPC / JAUPT instructors we train in house from our own dedicated classrooms and at premises in the local area, having delivered CPC training since its conception you can be assured your training day will be enjoyable.

New Drivers CPC

We can provide all the necessary training material for your Lgv Module 2 case study test followed by your Module 4 practical demonstration test.

Cost: Case study test: £23.00. / Module 4 practical demonstration training including vehicle hire and DSA test fee: ??????? Phone for our latest deal !!!.

Periodic CPC training: From £55.00. per module

We provide all thirty five hours of Lgv/Pcv driver training covering all five required modules from tachograph hours to vehicle safety, with various venues to suit just phone for our current training dates.

What is the Drivers Qualification Card? (DQC)

There are two different types of training required to obtain your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). There is the New drivers CPC called module 2 case study test and module 4 practical demonstration test and there is the periodic training (35hours training) for holders of Lgv licences prior to 9th September 2009 when the legislation first came into force.

Q. I passed my car test before 1st January 1997 and want to drive a vehicle over 3500kgs professionally

A.  You will probably hold a class C1 Lgv licence so you can take either the New Drivers CPC or complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training (Grandfather Rights Apply).

Q. I passed my car test after 1st January 1997 and took my Lgv test after 10th September 2009 what do I need to do to drive professionally

A. Generally speaking as you took your Lgv driving test after 10th September 2009 you will be required to take the New drivers CPC Modules 2 and 4 you will then be issued with a DQC card enabling you to drive professionally, you then have five years to complete 35 hours of periodic training.

N.B. If you are over 18 years of age but less than 21 years of age you will be required to take the New Drivers CPC before your practical driving test regardless of whether you drive professionally or not.

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