Lgv Courses & Fees

Please find below a breakdown of our course’s there are various training options to choose from including the standard 5 day cat C, or back to back cat C and C+E courses. Obtaining your Hgv/Lgv and Driver CPC entitlement can seem a daunting prospect, don’t let that worry you it is a simple process which we will guide you through, from your medical to whichever category of Lgv licence you need.

Option 1. (Cat C1 or C (Hgv Class 2/3, rigid)

Category C / C1 training, 5 days driver training and practical test. (Module 3.) Test booked to coincide with completion of course, If you already posses C1 entitlement then you may not be required to complete initial Driver CPC training. If you posses a UK driving licence then you can leapfrog category C1 and go straight for cat C.

Option 2. (LGV Class C1 / Class C + New Drivers Driver CPC) £975.00. / £1150.00. / + New Drivers CPC

We will help you in applying for LGV Class C1 or C provisional licence and supply study material for all DSA theory tests.

Option 3. (Pass Protection)

Option 3. (Pass Protection)
No matter how good our training is, and however good you are at driving, the fact remains we all make mistakes so we have introduced a Pass Protection Scheme, this optional package acts an insurance should you fail your test, it includes two further practical tests and hire of vehicle should you fail your first or second test, this is a non refundable package so we would like anyone considering this package to attend our centre for a free driving assessment and to discuss your options.

PASS PROTECTION scheme acts as insurance by providing an additional 2 re-tests and vehicle hire.      
Price: Phone for latest deal.

Option 4. (Cat C+E (Hgv Class 1)

3 days training on cat C+E drawbar outfit, test on the fourth day one to one training: £1250.00 

We carry out training in the following areas:

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